Follow That Food Truck! is a free mobile app for iPhone and Android that uses GPS to display the real-time location of all nearby food trucks. Food truck operators can even customize their truck’s profile by displaying contact info, a website, hours, or menus. And the best part is it doesn’t cost a penny!

The app was launched in the food truck-friendly city of Lexington, KY, where over 30 food trucks thrive. But food truck owners and diners can use the app nationwide. Any food truck owner can download the app and start using it immediately for free.

Over 40,000 people have already downloaded the app to find food trucks in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Hawaii, Washington DC, North Carolina, California, Connecticut, South Carolina, Utah, Missouri, and Texas, and that number grows every day.



For Food Trucks

You never have to depend on social media again. Twitter is great, but what if your customers miss the tweet? With Follow That Food Truck!, you flip one switch and your location will instantly be broadcasted to every hungry diner in town. Stop worrying about marketing and focus on what you do best–cooking great food.

For Diners

Just open the app and the map will display every active food truck in your area. Toggle between Map and List view, or expand truck descriptions to see additional information like operating hours, recommended items, and truck contact info. Follow That Food Truck! makes finding your favorite trucks much easier.