February 25, 2015

While many of the food trucks have been in hibernation for the winter, we’ve been continuing to develop our app in preparation for the Spring melt. The food truck movement grew in leaps and bounds last year, and we anticipate this year to be bigger than ever before. On Thursday, we rolled out the first step in our plan to improve Follow That Food Truck! so it can keep pace with the exciting growth of mobile food.

The coolest addition to Follow That Food Truck! Version 2.0 is a list view option that allows you to toggle between the map and a list of all active trucks. Tap a truck in the list and the app will automatically zoom to it on the map. We’ve been tapping trucks just for the fun of it in order to watch the app zoom around the map. Pretty cool.

In this version, we’ve also begun to work on the visual design a bit, adding styled buttons and tweaking our color scheme. Food truck owners will notice these stylistic changes particularly on their information screen. Truck owners might also be happy to hear that the app now automatically switches a truck off after six hours of use. This feature was added as a last resort—we still of course recommend that truck owners flip the location off as soon as they close. Nothing worse than having a customer show up to a location after you’re gone!

Finally, we are experimenting with ways to help the app sustain itself financially. We’re so happy to invest in the ongoing development of Follow That Food Truck! because we love it. Now, we’re hoping to offset some of our costs when possible. So, we have introduced a small ad at the bottom of the screen. This ad will earn money each time someone checks out one of the sponsors. We think it’s a small price to pay in order to keep the app free. Hope you agree.

Thanks so much to the 3,000 people who are already using the app to find food trucks. It’s been an awesome 5 months so far and we’re looking forward to many more! By the way, we hope to have something for you Android users by Spring too.

-Josh Boldt
Founder, Follow That Food Truck!