It has been an exciting first week for Follow That Food Truck! In just one week,
19 different trucks have already popped up on the map in Lexington. About 1,000 diners have downloaded the app and begun using it to track down meals in the Bluegrass area. Our expectations for week one have been greatly exceeded. Awesome!

During the first week, we’ve seen trucks show up in Lexington, Paris, Lawrenceburg, and even Louisville! Check out some of the sightings during this past week.

The app also picked up a couple of mentions in popular local culture blogs like Eat Kentucky and Love, Lexington. We spent the weekend at Crave Lexington, where we met lots of people who were either already using the app or soon to be using it. It’s been a fun first week and we’re looking forward to many more!

The first major update to the app is almost ready, so be on the lookout this week for it. We’re improving the user interface and working on some key design elements in this update. Also, just for the record, we’re working hard on an Android version of the app.

We really appreciate the great reception the app has received so far. Keep telling anyone you think might use it!