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For food truck owners with an existing (or soon to be existing) account on the Follow That Food Truck! mobile app.

First of all, thank you. People are loving the app and having fun with it. The app actually just won a competition for best business startup and has begun to get noticed by the press.

We’re starting to see a lot of participation from trucks and diners, so we just want to make sure everything is going well for you. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know to use the app.

*Our Android version of the app just launched. The interface is a bit different from the iPhone version, but should be pretty easy to figure out based on these instructions.

1) Make sure you are logged in. If you are, you will see a little switch in the top left of the screen. Green means your truck is on and showing up on the map. If you don’t see the switch, then tap the menu (three little lines in top left). This will take you to a login screen. If you forget your email or password, just let me know and I will send it to you.

2) Make sure you have allowed the app access to your location in your phone’s privacy settings. If not, the app won’t work properly. It will likely place your truck icon somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The app only uses your location when on.

3) When you open, flip the switch to green. When you close, flip it off. Don’t want anyone to show up after you leave. Just in case, the app will automatically take you off the map after 6 hours. If this happens, the switch may still show green. Just toggle it off and on the next time you open to reset it.

4) Feel free to use the share button from within the app. The latest version of the app knows if you are a logged in truck owner and it will autofill the share text to “Now open. Find us on Follow That Food Truck.”

5) There are a couple of other features you can use to customize your presence on the app. While logged in, tap the menu button and you will see a tab called “Truck Information.” On the Truck Information screen, you can set a headline and a description for your truck. Most trucks use the headline field to say where they are (Blue Stallion Brewery or Fifth Third Pavilion, for example).

The description field can be used to display whatever information you want. Hours, menu items, contact info, special directions, coupon codes–it’s totally up to you! One cool idea might be to offer 50 cents off to everyone who mentions the app. This will help you know how effective the app is at bringing you new business.

The Truck Information tab is also where you can edit your login information like email and password.

6) If you can’t login for whatever reason, by all means tweet me your hours and location to @truckfollowers and I will gladly place you on the map.

That’s about it. We now have over 35,000 people using the app to find food trucks in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Hawaii, Washington DC, North Carolina, California, Connecticut, South Carolina, Utah, Missouri, and Texas. If you want more business or even just some free branding, might as well switch on your location when you’re open.

Lastly, our Android version of the app just launched. The interface is a bit different from the iPhone version, but should be pretty easy to figure out based on these instructions. New updates are coming soon and so is the ability to schedule your open and close times in advance.

Thank you!

Josh Boldt
Follow That Food Truck!